Celebrating the Taste of the Middle East in the Greater Toronto Area

Every year, the Greater Toronto Area becomes a vibrant hub for cultural celebration with the Taste of the Middle East festival.

Family Day Feast Tradition

This Family Day weekend turned into a mini Thanksgiving at our home, with the entire family coming together, not just to share laughter and stories, but also to indulge in a dish that’s close to our hearts – my signature National Beef Biryani.

This Valentine’s Day, Cook Your Way to Their Heart!

They say the route to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and what better time to test that theory than Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating Connections and Voices at the ProInfluencer Launch- Feb 11, 2024

South Asian Central was honored to support the ProInfluencer launch event, marking a day of vibrant discussions, networking, and community-building.

Pakistani Dramas & The Perfect Cup of Tea!

There’s nothing quite like the intensity and emotional depth of Pakistani dramas to draw you into another world. And what better way to enhance the experience than with a warm cup of Tapal tea paired with the rich creaminess of Everyday milk? It’s the ultimate duo for drama watching!

Empowering South Asia as the Global Provider of Young Workforce

The demographic dividend that South Asia possesses, characterized by a young and growing population, presents a unique opportunity for the region to become a primary supplier of skilled labor to the world.

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