Wellness(r) CORE(r) RawRev Kibble + Freeze Dried Puppy Dry Dog Food – Grain Free 10LB | Pack of 1 Visit Wellness Store

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Raw protein is what your dog craves instinctively. CORE RawRev Puppy allows you to add raw easily and safely to every meal. This high-protein, grain-free kibble is combined with 100% pure bites of freeze-dried turkey. These raw pieces are incredibly tasty and provide a boost of protein, enzymes and minerals in their most natural state. This combination creates a nutrient-rich meal with DHA to support healthy growth of brain & eyes, lean muscle, healthy weight and a shiny, healthy coat. With more of the protein your puppy craves and no fillers like wheat, corn or soy, its easy to provide the nutrition your puppy needs to thrive from the core.

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Type Stand Up Bag

Format Dog Food

Size 10lb